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It is Word of the Day, and when we talk about Word of the Day, we’re just picking one word, and we’re talking about a little strategy behind that word. You’ve heard the word trust, but I want to talk about trust as a bank. A bank, that’s right. You put trust money in the bank, and you take trust money out of the bank.

When you’re working with clients, you don’t know it, but when you’re onboarding them or any kind of interactions with your clients or your team or your vendors or anybody that you work with, you’re building a bank of trust. You’re always adding to this bank, or you’re pulling money out of that bank.

One strategic way to care for your client is to intentionally build trust. So an onboarding process, may be a kick-off meeting, a couple extra meetings, a price presentation, a meeting where you listen to the client … These all build trust, and the client gets to interact with you before they ever work with you in an onboarding process, and the onboarding process builds huge amounts of trust. It’s really, really valuable for the client, and they don’t even know, but they’re coming to trust you as you interact with them, as you listen, as you challenge them with good questions. Trust is a bank that you’ll build up with a client in onboarding.

And why is that important? Because in your service to your client, you will need to spend some of that trust money. There’ll be times you may not deliver on time. There may be times you disagree with a client. They want to go in a certain design or creative strategy decision, and you take them in another path. You’re going to need to withdrawal money from that trust bank at that time, and it’s important that you will have built up that trust bank.

And you do need to withdrawal from it. Basically, you’re saying, “Client, listen to me. I’m going to tell you what’s best for you.” You’re going to seek to lead them, and you’re going to have to spend some trust capital with that client to do it, so it’s important that you build up that trust bank. So just keep that I mind. When you’re interacting with your client, your team, your vendors, anybody … You want to intentionally build trust because you’re going to spend it later.

And if you think we can help you figure out the places where you need to be building trust, be strategic to grow your agency, we can do that. Just hit us at [email protected], and we’ll be pumped to help you grow your agency. That’s what we do here at Blumer CPAs. Thanks for watching Word of the Day. We’ll see you.

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