Word of the Day: Results

Word of the Day: Results from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


One thing that makes us valuable as creative business owners is the things we bring our clients that they can’t have had they not hired us, and we get to sell in that way, right? We get to say, “You want to hire us because there’s things that you cannot have if you don’t hire us.” Right? So, sometimes we’re not saying, “Do you want to hire us?” Sometimes we’re saying, “What do you not get by not hiring us?” That’s a better question in sales, and one of those things is results. I think a lot of times in professional services, creative service what we do is we sell the service. We sell the strategy plan or the website, right? Those are tangible. Those are deliverables. Those are easier things to sell, but what really drives impact and drives high value and when you drive high value you drive a higher price for your services. One thing that drives that is results.

If you can promise results, guarantee results, speak about results, say, “Here’s the results we know about,” even talk about results you’re not sure you’ll be able to achieve, that’s some risk sharing you can do with your client, but either way in the sales process you want to discuss results because that’s where a lot of the value is locked up and therefore a lot of the price, so if you have a consistent way to deliver creative services then you can actually start to make better promises up front in the onboarding phase of bringing a new client on because you can almost tell them, “We know what the results are going to be.”

Well, not many creative agencies can do that. If you know the results for your client, man, that’s just an easy selling point to say, “Well, we know what you’re going to get when you’re done. Now, it has to look this way.” That value’s pretty high. That’s kind of a guarantee to the client and if a guarantee is a value to the client they have to pay more for that so think about results. Sell results, and that’s really going to drive the value of what you do in your agency. If you think we can help you figure out what are your results, what’s the strategy of what your purpose is as a creative agency just hit us up. That’s what we do. We do growth related consulting and coaching with agencies all over the U.S., and we can help you too. So, hopefully, that word of the day on results is helpful as you grow your agency. Take care.

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