Word of the Day: Aspirations

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Fancy word of the day, aspiration. Word of the day is where we pick a word and we talk strategically about what it may mean for your service based company. And I thought I would look up this word aspiration. It’s a strong desire, a longing or aim or ambition. It’s a goal or objective that is strongly desired. So it’s some future hope people are wanting to obtain, right? And they desire it in a very strong way. And it made me think that aspirations a lot of times are what we’re solving for our clients. So one way to really help a client is not only to solve the thing they bring you, which I call a need, but solve the aspiration or the longing they have for the future. Which is what I call, a want.

And you can price and needs and wants very differently. And when you price a need, and I’ve mentioned this before, but when you price a need, you’re pricing a very known thing. And that means a known thing can be a commoditized thing. But a want, a future helping somebody transform into something they’re not yet, that’s not a thing that can be commoditized, right? Because nobody knows what it is. You have to walk in a journey with a client to help them become that. And it has a lot more value. And anything that has more value, has a higher price. So selling wants is selling aspirations.

So how do you make this clear when you’re selling this to a client? Well, when you ask them questions, when you meet them first ask questions about the future. Don’t ask questions about now. Like what’s your website like now? It’s actually what are you going to become as a leader in two years? Or what do you want your business to grow into in three years? These are future related questions. And then you’re going to start hearing the client talk about their aspirations. And when you price an aspiration and then help them fulfill that, which you can, you can help a client transform into something else, your value is immense, and you get actually better at it. Your skill of leading clients through solving their aspirational desires, you will get better at that, and you will blow their minds, and you will become a better company too.

So word of the day is aspiration. Sell some aspirations. Sell people the hope of what they want to become in the future. And the value of your company will just increase more and more.

So, I hope that helps. If you need any help, let us know. We help people, we coach agencies and clients through learning about how they can serve their clients better. So come see us. You can hit us up at [email protected], And we’ll be glad to help you. Thanks so much. We’ll see you.

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