Word of the Day: Awareness

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Today’s word of the day is a big one: awareness. What does that mean? Well, awareness is actually knowing and learning more about yourself. It is wild. I know this is true about me and it’s true about our clients, too, that we coach and consult, our team, or any human we’re in a close relationship with is that they are not fully aware of the things they’re doing and why. That is really, really common. You may disagree, but actually you don’t know. You’re proving my point that you don’t know. When you get into a close relationship with somebody and they start asking you questions, oftentimes, and this is true about me, I’ll answer a question and not even know that there’s … I didn’t even know I needed to answer it. Like I’m answering a thing, learning about myself as I answer it.

The very value of having another person in your life asking those questions, that’s what transforms you, because you don’t pose those questions to yourself. You don’t get in the mirror and go, why’d you do that? No. Why did you do it? Why did you do the thing that was that? You don’t ask about patterns in your own life, but other people do that are close to you can ask, “Hey, what is that thing you’re doing over and over? And I think it may mean something. Can you explain it to me?” You will become more aware as you answer those things.

That’s what coaches and consultants do for their clients. They build a relationship that’s trusted and intimate so they can go in and ask very pointed, specific questions. Basically what that means is the client can’t get on the right journey without the coach or consultant in the room, oftentimes, or their partner, or their spouse, or whatever. You need another person.

Awareness will transform you. Becoming aware, knowing more about yourself, just it will blow your mind. It’ll help you see what you’re doing, begin the process of transformation. Getting involved in people in your life will help you. That’s why the value of creative service companies will never ever go away. It will always be growing and becoming stronger and stronger, because human to human relationships, the awareness that’s needed in that kind of relationship will never go away. Technology can’t do for you. It’s another person going, “Hey, what is going on in your life? And what is the thing you’re doing?” When you become more aware, you’re going to grow and change, which is really pretty cool. That’s part of the first step in the battle.

I’m just telling you right now, there’s a lot of stuff about yourself you don’t know. That’s true. There are many, many patterns and habits and things you do subconsciously that you do not know about. Don’t you want to know those things? There’s so many things in my life I don’t know about, but if I could find those things out, I’m going to start changing and growing and pinpointing them. Now, you got to be humble, and kind of die to kind of wanting to be right all the time. But when you learn those things, man, you start being more successful than another person because you’re willing to go there. Another person’s the one that’s going to help you do that.

If you think you need help with that, that’s what our firm does. You can hit us up or go to [email protected]. We coach and consult with creative companies. We help build a stronger teams. We help build leadership teams because that’s what we’re doing in our own firms. Let us know if we can help you become more aware of your patterns and your habits and the things you do, so that you can lay that stuff aside, the layers, and the habits, and the past, and the baggage, and you can start moving on to bigger and better things. Let us know how we can help you. We’d love to. We’ll see ya.

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