Word of the Day: Layers


My partner and I were coaching with a client and I want to tell you some stuff we were talking about in today’s word of the day video and today’s word of the day video is layers. This client was talking to us about working with a team member, a team member that’s struggling and trying to figure out what they’re doing and they’re like, “Is it this or is it the thing we’re going through? Or is it something they’re doing?” So what we talked about is layers. Everybody, every human that you’re working with, clients, team, yourself, you’re always dealing with layers of various things in your life that are affecting some issue you’re facing.

So if you come at an issue and you can’t figure it out, there’s no clarity and you don’t know what it is, sometimes you get to peel the layers. You got to ask, “What could this be?” I for one, my brain gets locked up on a layer. I get locked into a layer and I can’t move past that until I gained clarity around that and sometimes that hurts my communication. A good leader will help a team member kind of peel back those layers and help them grow and understand what they’re working through.

Now for a leader to peel back those layers, a team member’s got to really trust that leader a lot. They really have to trust them to help guide through pulling through that layers. But as humans, our minds are complex and the context and the things we’re going through in life are always the basis or the result of many layers stacking up on top of each other. When we’re stressed and overwhelmed, a lot of times there’s a lot of layers we haven’t peeled back and then that becomes baggage basically is what that is.

So as a good leader, take time to peel through the layers of your team, yourself and your clients and help them understand what are the issues they’re facing that’ll bring a lot of clarity to their life. If you need help doing that, that’s what we do. We coach people, we coach agency owners and firm owners to help them peel back the layers in the confusion they’re going through. So hit us at [email protected], If we can help. Thanks so much. We’ll see you.

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