Word of the Day: Expectations


You know what time it is, word of the day. We pick a word, one word, just one magical word, and we talk about it and and how it helps us run our businesses or how it helps us hinder our businesses. And today’s word of the day is expectations. This almost sounds like Sesame Street. Expectations children, but you know what I’ve learned about myself? I get blown up man in my head when my expectations are not fulfilled, and guess what? Looking into the expectations that is kind of before I go into a situation, sometimes I don’t even know I have expectations about something. I think a lot of us are like that. Expectations are so subconscious. We don’t actually sit down and go, “I expect this coming situation to be a thing that I want it to be.” I think we just build it into our lives.

We have a lot of habits and a lot of baggage, especially as we’ve gotten older and older. We have a lot of baggage and habits that subconsciously build our expectations automatically. But you know what I would say knowing your expectations is key to be in healthy. That’s key to being mentally healthy and running your business well is knowing the expectation. Then on the backside of this situation, maybe this situation that you expected, the backside of the situation, it’s important to know that the fulfillment of the expectation actually does not equate to happiness either. So that’s not where happiness come from. Expectations are just, it’s really part of planning, right? It’s part of proper planning and when you don’t know you have a plan about something and it doesn’t work, it messes with your head. It does mine. Then when you actually have an expectation, are you doing some kind of preplanning and it does work out? That alone is also not a guarantee that everything is happy.

So I would say, and again I’m just saying what I’ve learned about myself, knowing your expectations is sometimes hard to do and I need to bump my thoughts and ideas up against other people. So I kind of know am I thinking about something coming up that’s going to mess me up when it doesn’t work the way I think? So expectations are key. Knowing that they’re there and I don’t think we always do. So find somebody you can talk through about your expectations and you know what? You can do that with us. That’s what we do. We do coaching and consulting. We lead creative companies through processes of growth and helping them identify their expectations. So hit us up if we can help you, hit that link or go to [email protected] and let us know if we can help you. Thanks so much for watching word of the day.

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