Word of the Day: Balance

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Word of the Day and Word of the Day is where I share things I’ve learned as almost a 20 year entrepreneur veteran gone through a lot of ups and downs in that journey. And this past year I’ve been learning a lot about balance. Balance is something creative entrepreneurs need desperately in their lives. And I’ve mentioned this in another Word of the Day video where entrepreneurs, they drive in the ditches. That’s what they do. They operate their businesses and a lot of times their lives, their life in the ditches. And so they love something they go all in. They think something’s a great idea, they go all in. But the thing is they’re going to come up with another great idea and then they’re going to go all in to that. And so they’re not driving down the road. They’re over there in the ditch. Because that’s where the cool, great new ideas and they’re like go to the new ideas fast as possible right in the ditch.

But then they find another one down the road and they pop back over the road and slam to the other side of the ditch. And you know what? The bigger your team gets, the more complex your services, the faster your growth, these kinds of things, when you keep doing that, when those things start to change, it will wreck your life and you’ll find that out when your company gets bigger. That’s what I found out. And so you need balance.

So what is balance? Well, okay, I’m still driving in the ditch. I’m bumping in the ditch. I need somebody or something to create a tension, to pull on me and to pull me out of the ditch as I’m trying to go with the ditch and pull me into the road. And then what I do is I swerve ever gently in the middle of the road and now things can be clearly seen and done. Processes and rhythms can be set up. Service can be consistent. Value can be guaranteed and promises.

But you’ve got to learn to be balanced as an entrepreneur, as a creative person, or you’re going to be slamming in the ditches all the time. And a result of being in the ditches is always feeling defeated and worn down and ground down. And it’s an emotional, mental struggle. And people are, sometimes people just give up and they’re like, “I am not going to do this anymore,” but I’ve learned you don’t have to give up. You get to seek out that other thing that balances you. For me, it was my partner to help me balance these crazy polar intense thoughts to kind of bring me back to the road of entrepreneurship where things can clearly be done.

That doesn’t mean I have to avoid cool risks or do creative things. All of that is stuff we get to do, but now we get to do it and actually see it take place. We actually get to see our ideas take place. So balance is huge. And as a creative entrepreneur running an agency or a firm, if you’re struggling with that, we coach people through that and we consult with them on those things. So a lot of our consulting starts with assessments of people and their minds and their thoughts and their baggage, their history, their past, their beliefs. These kinds of things set us up with a profile of a right person so we can truly help them. And I can tell you in a profile of creative entrepreneurs, balance is something they’re always going to need and something we’re always going to be discussing. I know I will always need it. So I hope that Word of the Day helps. And thank you for watching these. I hope you have a great day. See ya.

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