Word of the Day: Project Management

Word of the Day: Project Management from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


Word of the day. This is more like phrase of the day. So this phrase that we’re going to be talking about is project management, and that’s a big one in the digital creative space. Sometimes it’s called, producers now are digital project managers. But it’s a big deal and it’s something we’ve put in our firm, a number of years ago, we started the process of putting project management in a creative financial accounting and consulting firm. And of course we do that work for digital agency so we know what it’s like to have a project manager go into a company. And you know what? What we learned about is that project management has a philosophy behind it. It’s really a belief system. That’s why not all project management is the same. Not all people teach it the same. That’s why there are courses about it because it teaches you the philosophy and how to do it. And for sure project management, if it’s a belief and it’s like you believe work flows this way through companies and you believe project managers or producers care for team and work with clients in these particular ways.

If you believe those things, then everybody’s going to approach it different. And for sure, project management systems, computer software, that’s built too, because somebody built it with a belief system. So just keep that in mind when you’re trying to put project management into your agency or make it better. You’re trying to find a tool, a software technology tool that’s going to help you do it. It’s not going to all fix it. It’s something you do and you keep learning and you keep growing and you never give up on learning about project management because it is a huge gift and care for your team. It really helps them.

So keep that in mind. It’s a lot of work and you keep doing it all the time. You’ll never stop and just keep a watch for the belief systems that are influencing what you think about project management and why you like or dislike your project management system. There might be things you just have to embrace and deal with. So if you’re trying to bring structure to your creative agency, we can help you do that. If you’re trying to put project management into your company, we can do that. So hit us up or go to info, just email us [email protected], and we’ll hook you up through consulting, coaching, and caring for your company and the financial flow of your information. We’d love to do that for you. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you.

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