Word of the Day: Fears

Word of the Day: Fears from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


This is Word of the Day, where we take a word and we talk about what the heck it can mean for your business, and this is the one we’re talking about, is fears. And fears are something we all deal with and we have, and I was just doing a podcast with Ryan Berman of Return on Courage. He’s the author of Return on Courage, and he talked about auditing your fears, which was cool. His book is Return on Courage, so being courageous has everything to do with auditing your fears. Fears are not things you stuff down, they’re things you say out loud, you let other people know, and you find those people around you that can work through those fears with you. And when you do, courage becomes a result.

Courage comes out of that as you work through fear. So courage happens through fear. So if you’re fearful of something, say it out loud, work it out with people, and that actually leads you to the courage to actually do something about it. So don’t push down your fears, recognize those, get them out. He says audit your fears, which is a cool term. And the more you audit and the more you learn, those fears become less fearful and less big. And if you struggle with some of that, that’s what we do. We work through that stuff in consulting and coaching. So drop us a line, you can email us, [email protected], and we’ll hook you up. We’ll help you deal with that. Thanks so much, we’ll see you.

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