Word of the Day: Decisions

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It is Blumer CPAs word of the day, where we’re going to teach you something strategic about running a creative business. Today’s word of the day is “decisions.” Owners make decisions. That’s one of their jobs. They’re always making decisions. That’s something they’re doing. But sometimes when we’re coaching and consulting with these agencies, these creative companies, we’re finding that they’re not making decisions. And actually, sometimes there becomes a time that … Making a decision is risky. So let’s just say that making a decision sometimes can be risky, especially if it’s a big change effort or something. All right, let’s restructure our whole company and move the org chart around or something like that. That’s a risky move.

But when you keep waiting on making a decision, sometimes not deciding is riskier than the risk you’ll take to decide. So let me say that again. So there comes a point when you’re trying to make a decision, right? And you’re weighing the risk. Do I do this or not? Do I change this role or not? Blah, blah, blah. And the longer you wait, you start moving to a different point. And that different point becomes not deciding is now the riskiest thing you’re doing.

Deciding and making the change and the risk that comes after that actually, at a time, becomes less risky than you sitting there and waiting and not deciding. Does that make sense? That’s how important decisions are. You have to make them. And sometimes when you just won’t make it, that actually becomes the riskiest thing you’re doing than the effect of having what you have to deal with after you make the decision. So, listen, that’s meta upon meta. I know. That’s tricky.

But decisions are so important. It is something you must do. But when you run into to a place or a time or a thing that’s so hard to figure out and you stay on the fence, there comes a time when you not deciding becomes the riskiest thing you’re doing in the building of your company.

So knowing the point at which that is is super hard, right? We help clients know that. We help clients know you’re past the point of deciding, now you’re venturing into a place where not deciding’s the riskiest thing you’re doing now for your company. You must move forward. And that comes back to that, to the basis that as an owner you must be deciding. You must be moving forward and deciding things. That is the thing you will always be doing. And it’s okay to wait and make sure you’re making the right decisions, but at some point, when you stop deciding, now you begin, you move into a time when it may be the most riskiest thing you’re doing by not deciding.

So I hope that meta discussion on decisions isn’t confusing, but it’s so true. And we see it in coaching and consulting. Well, if you need help working that out in your brain and you’re running into decisions that you just can’t figure out, hit us up or go to [email protected] And we’ll help you. That’s what we do. We help creative companies scale in ways where they can do it in sustainable and healthy ways. And we’d love to help you, too. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you.

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