Extending Strategy Time

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If you’ve watched many of my videos, you know my partner and I block off all of our work for a year in advance. We block our calendar off a year in advance and we’ve been doing that for years and growing in that competency about how to manage and take hold of our time. Where you do that is in the future; you go into the future and you own that future by telling the calendar what it’s going to be before you get to it. That’s called “strategic planning.” To do that kind of work, you need to wedge into your life time for strategic planning, so we even say, “Put a block on your calendar at least two hours every week called ‘strategy and planning,’ and the bigger your firm gets, it needs to grow.”

Well, we just learned that, so here we are at the end of the year, and my partner and I typically put two full days of strategy-planning about the next year on our calendar. Well, this year, it’s turning into four and things are more complex. There’s more things moving, we’re navigating a pandemic, and there’s just a lot going on in our heads and things we want to plan for the future and we learned that our strategy and planning time, those, those retreat-type times that we need have grown from two days to four this year. It’s something we didn’t anticipate, but it makes sense, and it threw us a little bit that we needed that time. Why is that?

Well, that’s the way life is. As you grow and your company grows, your strategy and planning time is going to grow with your company. Typically, in a service-based company, that strategy and planning grows with the size of your team. As your team grows, and your team is only growing because your revenue and clients are growing, right, so as your team is growing internally, you have a lot to do to care for them and lead them and give them a vision and hope into the future, so just let your strategy and planning time grow with your company. It’s really important. It threw us for a loop a little bit, but we have those days booked off, or banked off on our calendar, and it was really pretty cool to see that, hey, we’ve got more time. We thought we were going to have to cram it into two days, but we’ve got more time, and we really were thankful that that happened.

If you need help in your agency trying to plan out your future, which is that’s where you’re going to win, just reach out to us at [email protected], And we’ll be glad to help you do that work too. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you.

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