Word of the Day: Examination

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Welcome to Word of the Day. We pick a word and we talk about strategically how you can use it to live your life and run your business better. And today’s word is examination.

Where does that come from? When we do consulting with clients, we’re often helping leaders assess their team better and teams, they are just not good at examining themselves. So our leader teams that we work with often find that asking team questions, working with team or even clients generates wrong answers a lot of times. You can say to a client hey, do you have capacity for a new group of clients? And the team can say yes. And they have filters in their life. And they’re not able to rightly judge whether they do have capacity.

This is not a team issue though. this is a human issue. Humans generally struggle filtering through their minds and all the things they go through, their past and they struggle to even have the right answers to bigger questions in their mind.

One way to overcome that is through examination. Examination is a truthful look at yourself and it’s really wanting the truth. It’s budding up yourself and how you perceive the world with truth against what’s better and right and a thing that can move you forward. Examination is what successful people do. They ask themselves the hard question or they journal. You can get examination through partners, coaches, consultants, therapists, counselors. These are the ways to receive examination.

Now, you don’t always receive examination accurately, do you? Some people are not willing to give you truthful examination because that’s scary, actually. Using truth to examine people is a scary place to be because you don’t want people to not like you.

But if you are a person who wants to grow and move towards success and lead teams in better ways, lead and change clients, examination is a path forward towards success for you. My partner and I are always examining each other. We have that kind of relationship where we truthfully ask very difficult and hard questions. You know what? It’s not fun sometimes. But people who let us consult with them, they’ll often find we do that too. We examine them and we press them pretty hard on truth. And it is out of a heart of care for people that hire us.

So examination is a thing humans don’t like, humans aren’t good at, but examination for humans is a way to move towards greater success in life. So if you struggle with any of that, you know what? We help with that stuff. Consulting and coaching, these are the things we do for creative service companies. So let us know if we can help you and help you create more success in your life. Thanks so much.

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