Word of the Day: Narrow

Word of the Day: Narrow from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


It is Word of the Day, that’s where we take a word and we learn strategically what it means in growing and scaling creative service companies and this word is narrow. If you’re walking on a narrow road, if you’re in a narrow place, you’re going to meet more interesting people because not everybody walks a narrow road. And when you’re not confused with a bunch of stuff if you’re on a narrow road or if you’re in a narrow place you can notice insights more readily because there’s not a lot of distractions. Typically the people you find in a narrow type business are high value people so it’s people that just don’t need to bump into a lot of people on that narrow road. So, narrow is a great place to be.

The only thing is narrow is scary for a lot of people to take that fork in the road and go down a narrow road instead of the generalist road where everybody’s walking. Going down this road it’s kind of unknown, right? There’s not many people on that road. You don’t know what’s going to happen. “Will I find that people I need?” But what happens is when you get on the narrow road and you go down there what you find is more of the people on the narrow road are starting to be the people you need to meet. In the generalist road there’s so many people there you’ve got to filter and sort through all those people and there’s only a few that are still right for you anyway in your business. On the narrow road there are also just a few people that are right for you. But you know what? Almost all of the people on the narrow road are the ones that are right for you if you’re going down that narrow road in an inappropriate way.

So, it can be scary to walk down a narrow road but really when you do it you find out actually everybody on the narrow road are the people that I can serve. And so, it becomes really less daunting to serve and pitch, propose and price high because most people on the narrow road are very high valued people. And the people walking the narrow road are looking for high value service providers too. They’re trying to find people that really know what they’re doing. So, I think the narrow road is a great place to be.

Of course what are we talking about? We’re talking about positioning and marketing right? Narrowing our focus in a marketplace is really where you win. Now it is something you do typically slowly. You do want to take it slow so you don’t get out ahead of your cash flow but narrow is a place where you can build your expertise, take some risks, and really start to change people’s lives that you serve. So, if you’re struggling with knowing how to be narrow in your agency that’s what we do. We help people figure that stuff out. We help them look at their financials in ways that they know the narrowness of their focus is working, those kinds of things. So reach out to us into [email protected] we’ll be glad to help you and talk to you about how you can be on a narrow road. Hope that helps. We’ll see ya.

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