Word of the Day: Strategic

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It’s Word of the Day, and on Word of the Day we pick one word. Sometimes it’s a phrase, we throw you off, it’s a phrase. And today’s word is strategic. You know what another word for strategic is, is intention or a purpose. That’s what that means. Strategic is being purposeful. Strategic is being intentional. Strategic is doing things on purpose. That’s all strategic means. If you’re doing things on purpose, what that normally means is strategic is about the future, so strategy is a forward-looking thing. Strategy is taking the courage to own the future. That’s kind of what strategy is.

If you’re trying to be strategic, you’re trying to own the future in some sense. You’re trying to make a statement as to what you want to define the future to be for your company. That’s strategic. And you do that by being purposeful. How do you be purposeful? Well, you use calendars, you make lists, you have rhythms of spending time with your team, you tell your team stuff, you serve, your clients well, you plan to serve your clients well. There’s a lot of planning in being intentional, in strategy. So, okay, what’s the opposite of that? Strategic is not accidental. You can’t, oops your way into strategy, right? You can’t trip on a rock and fall into a big puddle of strategy. Strategy is always a planned intentional thing.

Typically, for owners, you know how they’re going to be strategic, as we go into the new year? You’re going to see them in a room, taking time away from doing work and planning the future. They’re going to be putting sticky pad paper on the wall, talking about, “What do we want to serve that’s new, that we haven’t served before,” or, “how do we want to raise our prices,” or, “How do we want to lead our team in a way that they serve better, that promotes a better value for our company?” So strategy is this planning function. It’s this very intentional, purposeful function. It really is what helps you own and control your future. It takes a lot of courage, but it lets you control that future that you want to build so bad.

If you’re struggling with strategy, we do consulting and we do work with agencies that help them own their future. And so we would love to do that with you, so you can hit us up there, if you want to be a client. Let me scoot over. You know what else? You can hit us up at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help you there too. Hope that word strategy helps. Take care. See you.

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